AGI Congress Biel/Bienne

23 — 25.09.2015

Tommy Li

Tommy Li Design Workshop


Tommy is the brand designer/consultant for the generation renowned for his “Black Humor” and “Audacious Visual” designs. Spanning Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Italy, he is one of the few designers to have penetrated the international market.

Graduated from the School of Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tommy was received over 580 awards. Cooperation with Swire Properties to have his 20 years exhibition – VISUAL DIALOGUE Tommy Li and Works 20 Years Exhibition in ArtisTree, Island East in 2010. Tommy Li Design Workshop was selected by “” to be one of the best top 10 Branding Company in China. 2008, he was established the first creative oriented web radio station – “Radio dada” the same year. “Agosto”, a best-selling design magazine in Japan, has cited Tommy as the only graphic designer with potential to have an influential impact on Hong Kong in the next decade.  

His distinct achievement to obtain “Gold Pencil” from “The One Show” in New York in 2007 and was nominated for the “World Outstanding Chinese Award” from World Chinese Association the next year. He has become a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale – a globally renowned alliance of graphic artist and designers) since 2005.

Tommy Li’s has brought remarkable success to his major clients Hang Seng Bank, MTR Corporation, Maxim’s Caterers, Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd, Dairy Farm Group (First Choice), Honeymoon Dessert, Ying Kee Tea House, Da Dolce, HKPC and Shanghai Watch etc.

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