AGI Congress Biel/Bienne

23 — 25.09.2015

How to get to Biel/Bienne

Fly to one of Switzerland’s international airports Zurich or Geneva (which ever airport is best for you) and from there take the train to Biel. It takes around 1 1/2 hours from both airports to get to Biel by train. There is a direct train from both airports. 

Several European cities fly to the airport Bern Belp. This small airport makes traveling much easier and more enjoyable. From here you will get to Biel by bus and train. 

For more informations about train/bus tickets and timetable please click here. If you are planning to extend your stay in Switzerland a Swiss Travel Pass could be interesting for you. If you are only taking the train from the airport to Biel and back, a Swiss Transfer Ticket will be best for you.

Old Town

It may be small but it is the true gem of Biel/Bienne: the Old Town. This historic district is the birthplace of the city with its Roman spring where once the Romans worshipped the god “Benelus”. This is how Biel got its name. While you walk through the alleys, discover The Ring, which is the oldest city square – or enjoy the many restaurants and tiny shops.

Watch City & Watch Valley

Did you know that Swatch and Rolex are actually “Made in Biel”? Yes, Biel/Bienne may be the most famous city in the world you never heard of. It is also called Watch City, the metropolis of Swiss watchmaking. The most renowned brands of watches are manufactured in and around the city. There are a lot of museums, which are designated to the excellence and the precision of this traditional craftmanship: The Omega Museum in Biel/Bienne, the Longines Museum in St. Imier or the International Museum of Horology in La Chaux-de-Fonds among others.

Three-Lakes Region

The lake of Biel is – together with the lakes of Neuchâtel and Murten – part of the Three-Lakes-Region, which is well known among tourists as a paradise for fine food and wine and for hiking, biking and camping. It is also right here, where the german and the french parts of Switzerland are coming together. Start in Biel/Bienne and take a walk through the vineyards on the Vine Path and treat yourself with a wine tasting at the Vinothek Viniterra in the wonderful village of Twann on the north shore of the lake. The many restaurants along this shore are offering fresh fish from the lake on a daily basis. And probably you’ll find some healthy veggies on your plate, because the region is also the largest growing area for vegetables in Switzerland.


If you are longing for a bigger picture of the region, take the short trip with the funicular to Magglingen. This village above Biel/Bienne not only hosts the famous Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen SFISM, it offers also a breathtaking view of the Three-Lakes Region, the city and the Swiss alps.

Jurassic Park

Did you know, that the island in Michael Chrichton’s “Jurassic Park” really existed? 150 million years ago in the Jurassic Mountains not far from Biel/Bienne? In the past few years, traces of dinosaurs were discovered near the city of Porrentruy during the construction of the A16 motorway. Spread over several searching sites, some 13’000 prints have been found. The dinosaurs were living in herds on what used to be a beach by the Jurassic sea. Some of theses prints are visible on a path open to visitors at “Jurassica” in Porrentruy.

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