After visiting world cities in recent years, the members of the AGI Switzerland thought it would be appealing to create a contrast this time around.

Biel/Bienne, the city at the foot of the Jura Mountains, is even unknown to many Swiss. It is considered the epitome of averageness, although it is the home of a watch industry of world renown. As a venue, what makes Biel appealing in particular is its apparent ordinariness and normalcy: the other Switzerland. The bilingual city is situated on the language border; it is exceptional as a multicultural living space with 125 nationalities and 65 linguistic groups. It is located in a wine-growing region and its cuisine is distinguished by that of neighbouring France. The unobtrusive beauty of the Jura range and the lake and river landscapes enable restful hours.

In our time-proven manner, we will present member contributions, perspectives and professional alternatives at the Kongresshaus/Palais des Congrès in Biel between 21 and 25 September 2015.

Those who wish to extend their stay in Biel can visit the cities of Basel, Berne, Zürich and Lausanne by rail in less than an hour.

The AGI Switzerland is looking forward to welcoming our friends and members to Biel.